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This is Autominds! You might ask, what is Autominds? Excellent question! We are car lovers, experienced consultants, auto enthusiasts, social experts and service professionals – we are AUTOMINDS.

As a group of individuals that has a passion for automobiles, we felt it was our duty to take the knowledge, experience and resources that stems from our passion and bring it to others for their benefit. There are SO many people that do not understand and have knowledge about cars, yet a large percentage of people purchase/own them. This adds up to a significant amount of people aimlessly going about their days not knowing that the car they are driving is not what they need, they aren’t getting their money’s worth, or they are abusing their car because they don’t know how to take care of it. Not to mention those who hate the mere fact of having to even step foot onto a car dealership or search online through the thousands of pages of the auto industry abyss to determine what they need to buy. So we asked ourselves, “How can we help our fellow citizens and step up for the greater good?”

The first thing we decided to offer is a FREE, simple way for someone to be matched up with a car dealership that actually has what someone may be looking for and can finance them. This takes a big chunk out of the hardship that one faces when purchasing a car. There’s no obligation to buy, and it saves people time which is more valuable than gold.

Then we thought deeper about the needs of the people, and we realized that there are many out there who don’t have the first clue as how to go about the car purchasing process. So we decided to offer car buying consultation services to help take the stress, guess work, and frustration out of the equation and offer them a positive buying experience by utilizing Autominds as their tour guide.

Sure, with information at everyone’s fingertips these days with all of our smart devices, most can get online and find out what they need to know. But when you dread having to go through a process that you are either afraid of, don’t want to deal with, or have no clue about, it’s no fun to take that long journey on your own. There are plenty of resources out there. I did a quick search and found a post on Car and Driver’s website called Buying a Car: What to Know Before You Go which has some helpful tips. But again, like most people who hate reading instructions to learn how to assemble something or how to use something, having to search out how to get through the mine fields of the car buying process could be a nightmare. So for those who don’t want that hassle, we are here to ease their burden.

After we thought we figured out the solution for all of the car buying population and saved people from much unneeded suffering, we realized we had left out a big piece of the puzzle – once someone has a car, do they know how to care for it? Just imagine if everyone was given a mandatory course on how to care for your car how the value of used cars would exponentially increase! So we offer people simple car care guides to make them aware of the basics for keeping their car healthy and happy.

We are out here to let the world know that WE LOVE CARS and we want to share our “autoknowledge” with other car enthusiasts, car novices and just plain every day people who want to be informed of the wonders of cars! We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems here at Autominds, but we can do our small part to bring a bit of light to a segment of people’s lives that may otherwise be a hardship for them. So check us out, go to our website and find out how we can help you with your auto challenges.

This is only the beginning – the Autominds blog will be filled with information, tips, resources – it will be a glimpse into what lies within our minds as we bring it all to the surface and share it with all of you! Join us and become part of the Autominds world – we will take you for a ride! We want to hear from you with your auto knowledge, questions or requests you might have that we can share. Get connected with us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and bring your friends along for the ride!


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